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Pedro Miguel López HernándezPedro Miguel López was enamoured of Van Morrison´s music at a concert in Madrid in July 1992 (Conde Duque). A journalist by profession, he has years of experience in radio, television and the press. He graduated in journalism in 1986 (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He has a Master’s degree in Journalism (Universidad Autónoma-El País-1988) and a Master’s degree in online Journalism (Instituto Universitario de Postgrado- 2003).

He worked as Head of Department in Trenes Hoy and Líneas del Tren, internal communication magazines, from March until December 1990; Managing Director of the magazine Guía del Ocio de Madrid from December 1990 until April 1991; coordinator of the monthly magazine Síntesis de Innovación Empresarial from May 1991 until February 1992, and Subeditor in the weekly magazine Dinero, published by Grupo Zeta, from February 1992 until April 1993. He has also worked in media consultancy and with the national press.

From April 1993 until December 2004 he was Media Managing Director at the Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles and Director of the monthly magazine Vía Libre. Since 2005 he has worked in various areas of communications and marketing for Renfe.
Together with Viaje a Caledonia (The Road to Caledonia), published in 2004, he is also author of The Last Waltz: Imposible Vivir Así (, edited in 2014, "Los Coppola, una familia de cine" (The Coppola, a family film), edited by La Linterna Sorda in May 2012 and is co-writer of Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (review: Descargar PDF), published by Ariel in March 1990.

Isabel López Hernández

Isabel and Sancho in front of Van Morrison's house, (Hyndford Street Number 125) in East Belfast, Ireland.

Isabel López Hernández headed for Caledonia spellbound by the first chords of St. Dominic´s Preview. She had just graduated in English Literature (Universidad Complutense, Madrid-1995) and was trying to decipher Van Morrison´s song lyrics. Her passion took her to Belfast some years later. There she followed the singer's steps along Cyprus Avenue searching for a "revelation" similar to the Irish musician. Since then she has worked as an English teacher in secondary schools and as a translator.

She has translated many articles for different magazines such as Síntesis de Innovación Empresarial, published by Summa-1993 and Essential Budget published by Planet Com S.A.- 2000. During the bubble, she worked for Teknoland (Internet consultancy) where she was in charge of writing and translating presentations for seminars about the Internet.

An expert in travel literature, she holds a doctorate in English literature: The Life and Works of Bruce Chatwin. Her studies have led her to Australia (July 2004) to do research on one of the writer's books. She is a member of Spain's Geographic Society, in whose journal she has published the article Bruce Chatwin: The Writer's Malady . In May 2004 she has also lectured on Bruce Chatwin at Complutense University, Madrid. In July 2008 she gave a talk in the Congress Bruce Chatwin: His Life and Work (University of Oxford)

The authors at the door that appears in Saint Dominic´s Cover.

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