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Any information on errors found in Viaje a Caledonia is appreciated. We hope this website can serve to help us catch any unintentional errors for a future printing of this book. Please send comments and corrections to:

Page 9. José María Arregui is mentioned in Thanks when it should read José Manuel Arregui.

Page 98. The photo on page 98 is copyright Wavelength.

Page 45. The identification of the persons appearing in the photograph is: from left to right, Dr. Sussel, Van Morrison, Bert Berns and Janet Planet.

Page 146. It is written about Fair Play that the expression ¨And you say Geronimo¨ is a memory of the Saturday morning show at the cinema, when the Indian war cry echoed  around and triggered a piched battle among the kids. This is far from being real, to the shame of the authors. Actually, Van Morrison planned to move to San Geronimo, a bucolic village in West Marin, together with his girlfriend.

Page 242. The bootleg disc Rave On (one of the best boots) was recorded on June 21, 1987 in Glastonbury, not Dusseldorf.

Page 243. The photo on page 243 is copyright Colin Moore / Wavelength.

Page 350. The mention of a concert performed in "Valldemossa (Palma de Mallorca)" should correctly read "Valldemossa (Mallorca)", since Palma is the capital of the island, and not the island chain.

El autor de "The wind in de willows" y su capítulo "The Piper at the gates of dawn" es Kenneth GRAHAME y no Terry Jones (ex Monty Python).

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