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Van Morrison - The Road To Caledonia (Viaje a Caledonia )

The Road to Caledonia portrays Van Morrison passionately and deeply, one of the leading figures in music in recent decades. From his birth in Belfast to his latest musical adventure, this book sheds light on an artist at the crossroads of all the musical currents: blues, folk, jazz, country, soul, rhythm and blues, Celtic music

The book deftly brings together opinions, data and some of the enigmatic Irish musician’s best texts. Mysticism, love, his fights with the record companies and journalists, poetry, the defence of art, the dream and nightmare of Woodstock. The perfectionism and magic of his concerts in Spain are narrated brightly in these pages. Some unpublished photos of the artist document his epic career and show the flow of emotions contained in an intense and passionate biography, essential to understand all the vital influences of an artist always in search of his roots.

The authors’ careers have helped them get close to a living legend whom they have followed for decades. The Belfast’s Lion, creator of masterpieces such as Astral Weeks, has become more than a cult musician. The Road to Caledonia reveals Van Morrison as a creator of unique musical moments.


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