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Madrid, 29 Enero 2001
Palacio de Congresos

Set list

  1. [Desconocida] (The Red Hot Pokers)
  2. [Desconocida] (Linda Gail Lewis)
  3. Dark End Of The Street (Linda Gail Lewis)
  4. No Way Pedro
  5. Fire In The Belly
  6. Rough God Goes Riding
  7. Cleaning Windows
  8. Into The Mystic
  9. It Once Was My Life
  10. Outskirts Of Town
  11. Think Twice Before You Go (Linda Gail Lewis)
  12. Why Must Always Explain
  13. I've Been Working
  14. One Irish Rover
  15. High Summer
  16. In The Midnight
  17. Baby You Got What It Takes
  18. Summertime In England
  19. E:Precious Time
  20. Hello Josephine / Shake Rattle And Roll / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Roll Over Beethoven

Con Linda Gail Lewis & The Red Hot Pokers
Artista Invitado: Anne Lewis - Coros

  • Ned Edwards - Guitarra
  • Lee Goodall - Saxo
  • Pete Hurley - Bajo
  • Colin Griffin - Batería
  • Martin Winning - Saxo
  • Matt Holland - Trompeta - Flugelhorn - Coros

Ticket stubs

Photo gallery


Van Morrison: Y se hizo la voz (pdf, 339k)

Alberto Bravo, La Razón, 30-01-2001

Un sombrero lleno de 'feeling' (pdf, 341k)

Diego de Azqueta, SOS, 30-01-2001

Impresionante Van Morrison... como el precio de las Ticket stubs (pdf, 391k)

Luis Martín, ABC, 30-01-2001

Van Morrison y Linda Gail Lewis regresaron a los años 50 (pdf, 365k)

Carlos del Amo, EFE, 28-01-2001



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